About Us

Over the past five years, audiences have slowly been adding a new type of visual media to their daily watching routines. While TV and movie streaming services like Netflix are still going strong, two platforms that are gaining undeniable traction are video sharing and live-streaming. Yes, YouTube and streaming sites like Twitch have been around for a while, but their viewership is stronger than ever.

The days of YouTube primarily hosting home videos are long gone, with majority of the content being studio developed or professionally edited. A lot of major companies also do a lot of marketing on YouTube, and it’s not just video related companies like Blizzard Entertainment or EA. Heavy equipment like JCB and Caterpillar make major announcements on their pages as well!

The problem the modern viewer faces is twofold: first, deciding if they want to dive into the murky waters of the largely unfiltered content found in live-streams and video sharing. Second, finding quality content among all the available choices. While some are no-brainers (official streams and channels of companies you love), finding others can be a challenge. This is where we at Twitmatic can help out.

Our team of self-proclaimed denizens of the internet are here to help you keep up to date with the latest trends while also helping you decide what you’d like to know more about by discussing the available options, as well as where to find them and more like them.

If you have specific genres you’re interested in, check out our contact page and let us know!